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Custom Cat Enclosures Melbourne

At Catworks we build enclosures but there is much more to us than that.
Each enclosure is its own sanctuary created specifically for its feline occupant boasting good looks, high end materials, thought out design and quality craftsmanship.

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Let Them Play And Know They’re Safe!

Getting an enclosure will enrich your cats life by fulfilling their need to be actively outside, jumping, playing and being a little crazy. All the while ensuring your peace of mind that they’ll come home safely, won’t harm native species and ensure they don’t hangout with the feral cats
About Catworks

Give Your Cats Never-Ending Fun, Freedom and Excitement With A Secure Outdoor Enclosure

Want to give your cats the freedom of outdoors in a safe environment? Using high-quality materials, unobtrusive designs and durable netting, we build amazing spaces to be shared by your family and fur babies, while protecting your plants and landscaping. 

Based in the South Eastern Suburbs, we create bespoke cat enclosures and all things necessary for fur babies living in Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne surrounds. With a team of qualified carpenters, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients with carefully considered designs that are flexible for their space.

Our products provide great value through the use of long-lasting materials and expert construction. Our animal enclosures and cat runs lead the field in creativity and functionality, both for your cats and your family. We use natural materials that blend effortlessly with your landscape and give a natural feel to your cats.

All installations are covered by a 7-year warranty for quality and craftsmanship
Honest & obligation-free quotes
An additional layer of protection against dogs, snakes and foxes
All enclosures and equipment are tailor-built from scratch.
Custom Built Enclosures

Why You Need A Catworks Enclosure

Every cat needs stimulation to remain healthy, happy and active. Building your furballs an enclosure will enrich their lives by fulfilling their need to be actively engaged outside, jumping, playing and being a little crazy.

All the while ensuring your peace of mind that they’ll come home safely, won’t harm native species and ensure they aren’t encountering feral cats, or worse, become one. Show’em how much you love them by letting them prance freely as nature intended. They’ll love you for it!


Freestanding Cat Enclosures Gallery Catworks Enclosures 1
Outdoor Play Equipment for Cats Catworks Enclosures 3
Freestanding Cat Enclosures Gallery Catworks Enclosures 3
Our Services

Cat Enclosures Handcrafted For Perfection

Using the highest quality materials and cat-friendly netting, we ensure each enclosure brings your cat all the joy it deserves. Choose from a wide range of cat enclosures that we design, build and supply, and enjoy observing your fur fam spend the best time of their lives outdoors.
Side Alley Enclosure
Side Alley
The most popular choice for cat owners with space limitations
Full Backyard Enclosure
Full Backyard Enclosure
A fully customisable Kitty Kingdom, this enclosure is ideal for containing multiple cats
No yard to build a full-size enclosure? Turn your balcony into a cat-safe play area
Designer Series
An out-of-the-ordinary design exclusively built to meet the unique needs of its furry occupants
Playground Enclosure
A great alternative to allowing cats a completely unsupervised outdoor exposure
Freestanding Enclosure
Freestanding Enclosure
Require zero structural support with complete flexibility in location, shape and size
Rental Body Corporate
Rental & Body Corporate
Standalone enclosures for rental homes or multi-residence complexes
Cat Fencing
Specialised fence extensions and cat netting that are harder to climb and yet feel open
Catworks Enclosures04
Each of our enclosures is thoughtfully designed to make the best use of your available space, providing your cat with a PURRsonal paradise of its own.
Catworks Enclosures

Outdoor Play Equipment

Add an element of fun to your enclosure! 

Whether it’s a ledge to sunbake on, a lookout tower to observe the birdies, or a one-off designer piece, we have a range of accessories to keep your cat comfortable and entertained within the enclosure. Our creations are guaranteed to add character and entertainment to your kitty’s enclosure while giving it a close-to-nature feel.

Balcony Enclosure Gallery Catworks Enclosures 4
Cat Fencing Fence Brackets 3
Catworks Enclosures

We Are Your Cat’s FURever Best Friends

Let’s face it. Cats love to be outside. And who are we to deny them experiencing the sun on their fur and the grass beneath their paws? 

Unfortunately, cats are currently threatening the survival of over 100 native species and have earned a bad name just by following their instincts. Your cat deserves to be outside to feel the fresh air and play however it pleases. But most of all, to be able to safely return to its loving family and a warm bed without being labelled as a ‘pest’.

Getting an enclosure will:


Protect the native species that are becoming


Help Australia reduce the ‘feral’ cat


Be an ideal solution for every cat with an
outgoing soul

Catworks Enclosures

The Catworks Core Promise

Here at Catworks we guarantee to be on time or we will give you $5 for every minute we are late.

T’s and C’s apply. 

Time is precious, life gets very busy and we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for a trade to make an appointment.

No courtesy call, no apology, just time wasted and that’s if they even show up.

We promise we won’t stand you up.

We offer driver tracking for each appointment. As your technician starts their journey to your home you will receive a SMS with a map link where you can track every turn of their drive. You will know when they are on their way, where they are along the way and how long until their arrival.

Go on, stalk us! We invite you to.

CatCubbie1 1
Designer Series
Rachael Catworks Enclosures
cat glasses updated

Catworks – Get All Your Cat’s Exercise And Entertainment Needs Sorted!

cat glasses updated

Catworks – Get All Your Cat’s Exercise And Entertainment Needs Sorted!


What Our Customers Say

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Meagan Jorgensen

Happy Customer

Highly professional and friendly team who are more than willing to help with your cat safety needs! The boys did a fantastic job on the day with the install and the enclosure came up a treat. This is the second time I have used Cat Works over the last 5 years and the quality of their work is amazing. I could not recommend them enough.
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Natasha Ralston

Satisfied Customer

Tim and the team at Catworks were wonderful! Tim was super responsive taking the time to understand what we needed to make a fun and relaxing play space for our cats in the space we had. The care and attention to detail in putting in place a much loved and safe play space has made for two happy camper cats 🙂 Definitely recommend Catworks!!
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Kate Brooks

Client Occupation

We are so thrilled with our new cat enclosure. The quality is incredible and it really adds to the usability of our home for our cats but also for the rest of the family, as we don’t have to worry about the cats getting out. The team were great to work with, from the initial consultation to the completion of work, particularly given a tricky house (age and materials) to work with. Would highly recommend!

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