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Cat Areas We Serve
Side Alley Enclosure - Catworks Enclosures - Project
Areas We Serve

Do You Have A Grumpy Cat in Your Home?

Maybe it’s because your cat feels stressed from staying indoors all the time. 

Catworks has been improving the lives of cats and their owners for the past 15 years with carefully designed cat enclosures handcrafted to perfection. We have a solid customer base all throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas that rely on us for delivering premium-quality cat enclosures, cat-safe netting, play equipment and cat accessories to keep your furballs safe, active and entertained for hours, boosting their physical and mental health.

Sourcing our materials from the most trusted suppliers, our team of experienced carpenters build everything from scratch according to your cat’s nature, your budget and the available space that you have. From the balcony and side-alley enclosures for smaller spaces to the full-size backyard and playground enclosures, we have a solution for every cat parent who wants to provide their cat with the best time of their lives.

Areas We Serve 1
Areas We Serve

Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula’s Top Cat Containment Experts with An Eye for Detail

We endeavour to raise the bar in the pet industry by creating cat-friendly outdoor spaces, enriching the lives of your fur fam without disrupting your existing plants and landscaping.
Our service areas include:

You can reach out to us if you are planning to invest in a dedicated outdoor space for your cats, to keep them and the native wildlife safe. 

To learn more about our service areas, feel free to reach out to us