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Catworks was developed from a pure goal with an aim to provide customers the best quality, lowest priced animal enclosures to suit….

BAH! here is the real story

In 2007 a regular everyday carpentry business was guilted by friends and family into building animal enclosures! “we need an enclosure and they are so expensive and hard to find, can you build it! please ??? ”

The early animal enclosures we found were very expensive, clinical and bleak, not many creative thoughts were had and the basic idea was; keep animal healthy and inside enclosure and the enclosure will be a success!

Our first enclosures were sadly modeled off what was available; mostly wire mesh cages with cage A. for shelter and cage B. here for sleeping; maybe it would get creative and have tunnel C. to link them… for some unknown reason (at the time) these types of pet enclosures gave no joy to animals… or to us when building them…

It was in 2009 that a local Vet introduced us to the proper use of cat netting! We were able to cover a huge multi-animal space by attaching netting to the house and fence. With the freedom of size and space for all; cat enclosures became so much more fun and creative… and not just for the cats.(netting was mainly used by us previously in our Bird proofing and small custom cat enclosures)

We could now cover a whole yards with netting and let cats be free in larger areas …even with their people too… Cage a. was no longer needed as cats would go inside if it was raining via a cat door. Cage B. became redundant because cats rarely slept; outside was for cat play time, running, stalking, climbing and… toileting.

By 2010 Catworks was Very official… we had a good name and some t-shirts… 95 percent of the cat enclosures were now built with cat netting. Our surplus wire mesh reserves were now mainly used as extra protection of the netting from dogs and foxes etc.

Pictures of some of our new crazy cat spaces were posted on various sites and cat enclosures took a life of it’s own! Since then ( it’s seasonal… when it’s cold we don’t like the outdoors either) demand has been hard to keep up with; as a result not much has been posted or advertised for a long time.

crazy cat enclosure with so many trees

This is all changing.

Tim, the first official employee of Catworks (starting even before the official launch) is taking over the business!

Ben is taking an even bigger step back to be around more for his young family (some are humans) leaving Tim to continue on … with Ben eventually in the background.

Tim would have to be one of the only carpenters to ever complete a carpentry apprenticeship whilst building decks, pergolas and animal enclosures… Tim is quite good at building animal enclosures for having only 8 years experience … 🙂

Tim is hoping to Improve on the current model i.e he’s able put more time and love into it than Ben can… maybe he’ll even advertise one day…

Our dog enclosures and kennels took a back seat for a while, Tim hopes to build more while continuing to build some of the most creative and fun cat enclosures around…

A dog kennel big enough for a horse

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