Backyard Cat Enclosures

Backyard cat enclosures are usually large with plenty of open space. Open doors without letting cats escape under your feet. All animals can be outside together. The best way to give freedom for everyone is often to net over entire yards so that “WHO LET THE CATS OUT?” is no longer a problem.

huge cat run with good pet enclosure design, one of our best cat enclosure designs by farlarge outdoor cat enclosures are great. pet enclosure design is easy when it's your whole backyard. this cat enclosure design is very neat and easy to live with

outdoor cat enclosures – why cover it all over – it lets us all out – without looking over a shoulder

Side Alley Cat Enclosures

Side Alley cat enclosures are a good way to get a long cat run for your cats .They are often the most cost effective netted enclosure as most will attach from the house down to the fence, many needing only 2 walls. Have a look HERE for some more information.

side alley cat enclosure, long cat run pet enclosure design

long cat enclosures – give cats some good fun – if they’re sending you mad – give them some sun

Free standing cat enclosures

Free standing cat enclosure and tunnels are a good way to form up temporary or portable enclosures. These often require only minimal fixing and can be built to many sizes to suit your area.

free standing cat enclosure with good pet enclosure design.

a free standing cat enclosure – built in and around trees – if you have to get a cat cage – get one of these

Cat fence bracket systems

Cat fence bracket systems are a cheaper alternative to netting around entire backyards. These are not without their drawbacks; as with all fence systems they can be beaten by Houdini type cats.

cat bracket enclosures, cat fence systems

cat fence brackets keep cats in – rather than keeping cats out – if this is not a problem – give us a shout

The cat play things

The cat play things. Everyone’s favourite part of the job. The very best thing that you can give your cat to enrich the outside experience (or the inside one) is to get them up as high as possible and make it as fun as possible. Using many natural trees and timbers (often timber or trees that clients want to get rid of) we custom build all of our playthings just for your cat.  We love climbing things a bit too much… Here is why.

cat play and equipment with good pet enclosure design. using good cat enclosure designs.

We love this part the most – and it’s easy to see – cat climbing things – are our cup of tea….

*** the team at catworks may not be this funny in real life ….or maybe we are… ***