At Catworks Pet Enclosures we design and build cat enclosures. With combined 20 years experience in design and carpentry, Catworks customise your enclosure to your cat’s needs as well as the function and style of your home.

All our enclosures, and every piece of them, is covered by a 2 year workmanship guarantee. The netting is covered by a 7 year guarantee.

All our enclosure installations are personally managed by new Catworks Owner Tim.

Tim reached a point where he though it was the right time to take the business further,  put more energy in and free (relatively speaking) more animals.

Tim was Catworks first official employee back in 2009. Over the past 7 years Tim has developed his carpentry, catpentry (he loves a pun) and dog enclosures and is now ready to show the world what he can do with…. COMPLETE POWER MWUHUHAHHAHA !!!!

Previous owner Ben (myself) will be taking a step back to be at home with his animals more  (some are human) but will remain in the business to help out when and where he can.